~ Starters ~

  • Mar à Galega

    Mar à Galega

    Shrimps and octopus sautéed on a herbs butter with crunchy potato squares topped with spicy paprika and sea salt

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    NEW El Fuego

    Spicy smoked potatoe squares served with a hot sriracha mayo dipping sauce
    Spicy tomate dipping sauce

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    A Israeli classic – Free ranged egg gratinated over our spicy house tomato sauce. Served with crunchy bread for dipping

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    Pastelitos Explorer

    Deep fried pastries filled with mushrooms, served with zhug sauce and sriracha aioli

  • Fried Calamari

    Deep fried calamari with a wasabi aioli and balsamic mayonnaise for dipping

  • Croqueta

    Croquette filled with shredded roasted pork and pineapple chutney

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    Eggplant Rolls

    Baked eggplant rolls stuffed with mushrooms ragout sitting in house tomato sauce. Served with crunchy bread for dipping
    Vegan without cheese

  • Roastbeef Crunch

    Roastbeef Crunch

    Baguette slices spread with cream cheese and topped with layers of marinated roast beef and mango chutney

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    Blue Grotto Crunch

    Baguette slices spread with a gorgonzola and canastra cheese fondue and topped with pumpkin confit, salvia leaves and sea salt

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    Gỏi cuốn

    Vietnamese rice paper rolls filled with a mix of fresh green leaves, green mango, zucchini and our homemade asian sauce
    Soy Sauce

~ Main Menu ~

  • Carne Louca

    Carne Louca

    Considered a Paulista “classic” – shredded beef with coloured peppers, courgette pickles, fried and crunchy onions served in brioche bread

  • NEWSlash Burger

    Brioche bread with 160g of meat blend, caramelized red onions, cheddar, whiskey-chilli blend, smoked herbal aioli and Sicilian lemon with cucumber pickles. Served with potato slices

  • Satay Club 

    A classic Indonesian-chicken satay skewers with homemade creamy peanut sauce and black sesame seeds rice

  • Mignon au Poivre 

    Beef tenderloin medallions with black pepper sauce, mushrooms ragout, pumpkin muffin and creamed spinach

  • Terra à Vista

    Experience a seafood risotto with shrimps, octopus, calamari and mushrooms

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    Middle eastern salad, hummus, baked eggplant, free range eggs in a laffa flatbread topped with tahine sauce

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    1001 Nights

    Toasted eggplant medallions topped with hibiscus sagu comes with cornmeal couscous

  • Sunday Roast

    Sliced marinated roast beef served with red fruit jelly and blue cheese fondue served in a baguette

  • Marco Porco

    Shredded roasted pork marinated in beer, served with slightly matured cheese and west indian gherkin in brioche bread

~ Desserts ~

  • Paris Carioca

    Paris Carioca

    Chocolate tartelette with sea salt and orange extract topped with Paçoca infused whip cream and Anglaise cream

  • Apfelstrudel tropical

    German style apple pie with ginger chantilly and cashew nuts farofa

  • NEW Bora Bora Bliss

    Guava and lemon grass cream, topped with a white chocolate, juniper and mango mousse, and sprinkled with a crunchy Brazilian nut farofa